The Park

You can take the girl out of the trailer park… actually, she’ll do it herself.

A gritty drama about Willow, 13, who’s just moved from the richest part of town to the white ghetto, and the first-nations boy who helps her escape.


  • One-hour dramatic series
  • Pilot episode and treatment complete

Side Hustle

Millennials didn’t invent the second job, but they branded it.

A funny, frank and revealing show about the generation of young people who are reinventing the definition of working for a living and the meaning of success by moonlighting.


  • ½ hour unscripted reality series

Girls on Grapes /W(h)ining Women

Spill secrets, not wine

Not a regular talk show, these women get down and dirty about dating in the digital age.


  • ½ hour unscripted

  • Airing on Shaw TV as 3 minute interstitial

Hazmat Stories

The truth is messy. Suit up.

Hazmat is more than a clean-up crew, they’re a team of forensic crackerjacks. Come along for the ride, bring a bucket, and help put together the scene of the crime.

  • 1-hour unscripted

Crack the Code

The world has become a global escape room. Ten teams hold the map to a buried treasure. The keys to get to it? Clues, codes, a pick axe and grey matter.

  • Co-created with Mia Golden
  • 1-hour unscripted

Luxury of Loneliness

Poverty forces people to rely on each other; affluence locks people away from each other. Does affluence lead to a lonely, shorter life? Join us as we travel the world to find out.

    departures & arrivals

    Tired of local chronic dating dissapointment disorder? Then, how about – airports. What’s the worst that can happen to 3 singles ready for any high-flying adventures?.

    Carli, Matty and Nat have been single for what seems to be an eternity, and they’re done. They take Matty’s inheritance, pack their suitcases, and make a pact to leave the bland world they live in and find their one and only. Or blow the cash, whatever comes first.

    • Created by Alan Meacham
    • Feature film

    Leanne Allen

    Having developed and owned media companies from the ground-up for over 20 years, Leanne Allen has gained a notable list of achievements such as:

    • Creating a print magazine and selling to David Radler’s company 5 years later
    • Working with CBC radio as a writer, host, and producer
    • Produced, written, and acted in a show for KVOS TV
    • 1st AD’ing for APTN
    • Produced CBC’s first cross-platform pilot
    • Currently producing and writing a show for Shaw TV

    Leanne is an award-winning online producer and photographer, and a represented actor. 

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