New Episode: September 2018
Girls on Grapes Taste: Saltspring Island Ales

Girls on Grapes Taste: Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Girls on Grapes Taste: The Hatch

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What your Mama Taught You

Sex - Take It or Leave It

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Girls on Grapes is a marketing group dedicated to marketing to women. We produce original video content - in solos or series, and distribute it online and on TV. Broadcast to an audience of 300 000 via Shaw TV, Castanet, and, licensed to you to use as original content.

Girls on Grapes: The TV and original content series

Truth will be told.

There are three things you never talk about at the dinner table: Sex, Politics, and Religion.
This is the ultimate Girls Night Out, and rules don’t apply.

“In vino veritas.” In wine there is truth. The Greeks failed to mention it also exists in cider, beer and martinis.

With an all-female cast from diverse cultural backgrounds and Facebook statuses, Girls on Grapes tackles a list of subjects, makes the political intimately personal, and has a good laugh while doing it.

Grab your glass, put your feet up, and join us!

Girls on Grapes do (Your Winery)

This series features host Leanne Allen speaking to you about your winery and finding out its appeal to women, capturing it all in a beautiful 3-5 min HD video, with sweeping panoramic drone footage, and custom voiceover.

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